Excursion 20

Sunday, 7 November 1999

Dear colleagues,

Dear friends, My proposal for this previous-to-the-end-of-the-session mountain trip:

Date: Sunday, 7 November 1999
Site: Pointe du Chateau (2104 m)
Classification: Easy
Altitude: 2104 m (highest point)
Climbing up distance: 1061 m.
Climbing time: 3 hours
Total hiking time: 5 hours
Starting point: Le Reposoir (1043 m).
Meeting point: CERN Main Cafeteria, on Sunday at 8 am
Remarks: Peaceful site. Panoramics.
Access: Take the motorway in direction to Chamonix and comeout of it at the high of "Clouses-Ouest" or Scionzier. In Scionzier take road D4 to Le Reposoir (about 10 km from the motorway). Park in the parking close to the lake by the ancient "Chartreuse du Reposoir".

The trip from CERN to Le Reposoir should take about 1h20

Click to see the excursion map.
Click here to see a txt file with the way points of the path. .

In the web address "http://excursiones.salicio.net" you can find the map for this trip.

It is convenient to emphasize some useful items: please do not forget to carry on (wear) raincoat, hat/cap and sun glasses, warm gloves, hiking boots or sport-footwear with thick and non-slipping sole, enough food and drinks for the own consumption. Spear dry clothes and after excursion confortable shoes are very convenient.

I hope weather conditions will allow an enjoyable excursion! Cheers! Jose.