Excursion 01

Monday, 29 Mars 2021

Dear colleagues,

This excursion was organized by Pilar. We profited from a sunny day in Soto and, after, enjoyed lunch near Ayuntamiento de Soto del Real.

Date: Monday, 29 Mars 2021
Site: Hermita Virgen del Rosario (988 m)
Classification: P0T0 - Short & Very easy
Altitude: 988 m (highest point)
Climbing up distance: 58 m (Length 6.1 km)
Climbing time: 1h00
Total hiking time: 1h30
Starting point: Iglesia Inmaculada Concepcion - (919 m)
Meeting point: Iglesia Inmaculada Concepcion (Soto) at 11h00 am
Remarks: Panoramics.
Access: Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepcion (Soto delReal). Find a parking place nearby. Driving time from our place: 40 minutes

Click to see the excursion map.
Click here to see a txt file with the way points of the path. .

In the URL https://www.salicio.net you can find information on the outings.

It is convenient to emphasize some useful items: please do not forget to carry on (wear) raincoat, hat/cap and sun glasses, warm gloves, hiking boots or sport-footwear with thick and non-slipping sole, enough food and drinks for the own consumption. Spear dry clothes and after excursion confortable shoes are very convenient.

Have a lovely Eastern end! Cheers! Jose.